Vegan cake?

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a friend down the hall. She is allergic to dairy, among other things. Whenever we go out to eat, she makes us order dessert so she can watch us eat it. Sounds weird, but I’ve gotta say that I understand! If I could never have dessert… or bread… I would probably die.

I was pleased to find out that vegan desserts and foods are okay for her to eat. So I embarked on a journey: bake a vegan cake.

I’ll spare you the details and make a long story short: it needed extra baking time, the frosting was clumpy, there were flour globs in the cake. It actually tasted and looked good, though!

I was excited and took it down the hall only to discover that margarine has milk proteins in it; therefore she couldn’t eat it ): So instead I brought it to my other friends, and they devoured it within the hour.

So that was all yesterday.

Today I decided to give it another go. The process was a little easier, and I changed the shape of the cake. This time, I used Parkay (the only “butter” she can have).

I would count this one as a success. Click here for the recipe!

So I’m liking this vegan kick! But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m giving up my butter and eggs (:


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